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        Bob Halliday

        Bob Halliday

        Corporate Vice President
        Corporate Business Development

        Bob Halliday transitioned from his role as chief financial officer (CFO) of Applied Materials, Inc. to corporate vice president of Corporate Business Development in August 2017. During Bob’s four-year tenure as CFO, Applied delivered the highest levels of financial performance in the company’s history, including five consecutive quarters of record earnings. Together with CEO Gary Dickerson, Bob implemented an innovation leadership strategy focused on driving sustainable growth and creating increased value for shareholders. Bob accelerated investment in R&D and led initiatives to strengthen the organization and its processes, so that Applied works closer with customers, identifies technology inflections earlier and creates successful products in a more repeatable way.

        Prior to his role as CFO, Bob was general manager of Applied’s implant business unit and executive vice president and chief financial officer of Varian Semiconductor Equipment Associates prior to Applied’s acquisition of the company in November 2011. During his tenure at Varian, the company achieved record financial and stock performance and Bob was named a top CFO by Institutional Investor magazine. He previously served as chief operating officer and chief financial officer for Ionics, Inc., a manufacturer of water treatment capital equipment.

        Bob earned master of business administration and bachelor of science degrees from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and was a Certified Public Accountant.